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About us

Selfie Clip's was established at Glebe Markets in 2015. We are a team of enthusiastic budding photographers who love to help people experience photography. Selfie Clip's aim to help people enjoy photography, while also being affordable, portable and easy to use. Through our exciting live demos, we have made lenses for your phone accessible for people of all ages and walks of life. 
 Why Choose Us?
We are not happy until you're happy. That's why we give you a Lifetime Warranty on all our products. We believe in high quality durable products which can take the beatings of traveling around the world or just day to day life. 
All our products are universal. Most photography lenses on the markets work on one phone, without a case on it. Meaning when you upgrade phones you need to throw it away and get a new one. Our lenses are built into a Universal Clip, meaning the lenses work over cases and screen guards and it doesn't matter if you upgrade. This means you get lifetime value out of our lenses. 
Selfie Clips