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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Selfie Clips?

Selfie Clips are photography lenses for your phone. Our main product is the Selfie Clips’s 3 in 1 Universal Lens Set. This set includes a 180 Degree Fisheye Lens, a 10X Macro Lens and a Wide Angle Lens. Our newest product is our Selfie Clip’s 8X Zoom Lens, this adds an optical zoom to your phone. Many lenses on the product only work on one phone, then you can upgrade you need to buy a new one. All our products are built into a universal clip, meaning you can use it over your case and screen guard, and it doesn’t matter if you upgrade phones! Find out more about our products in our Products section.


I seem to be missing the Wide Angle Lens?

 The Macro Lens and the Wide Angle Lens come screwed together in the Selfie Clip’s 3 in 1 Universal Lens Set. Simply unscrew the wide angle lens to use the macro (photos taken within a couple of mm) or use the wide angle and macro lens screwed together on the clip to create a wider shot.


I don’t have an iPhone, will they work with my Samsung?

One of the best parts about all our lenses (Fisheye, Macro, Wide angle and Zoom) are they are all universal. This means they work on any phone. This means even if you upgrade, it doesn’t matter!

However if you do have a phone where the camera is closer to the middle and you use a thick case with it, you can select the Longer Clip option on the Selfie Clip’s 3 in 1 Lens Kit Product page. It’s the same product, however with a longer clip to accommodate the camera in the middle with a case combo. Note: Samsung phone’s without a case, or with a thin case the standard Selfie Clip’s 3 in 1 Lens Kit will be suitable.

The Selfie Clip’s 8X Zoom Lens comes with a longer clip to accommodate all models

 Any questions? shoot an email through to or call me on 0432 940 407 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)


No batteries, No apps? How do they sync to the phone?

One of our favourite parts about Selfie Clip’s lenses are they are so easy to use. Just clip it on over the camera, and the optical glass will do the work for you. Go into your standard camera app, or your favourite camera app (i.e. Snapchat). The camera will shoot through the lens and create the effect. Nothing to sync, to download or charge, it’s ready to go from first clip.


What does the Lifetime Warranty cover?

We are so confident you will love our products that we give you a Lifetime Warranty. This covers manufacturer’s faults and does not cover physical damage (i.e. lenses scratched from not using covers included). For any claims contact


Do you deliver Australia Wide? What about International?

Yes, we deliver Australia wide. For international shipments contact and we can quote you on the shipping cost and time required.


Who do you ship with, how long does this take?

We ship via Australia Post, the usual delivery time is 3-7 working days.

We offer Free Express Delivery on orders over $60, you should receive your package within 1-2 days.


My package hasn’t arrived, What should I do?

Simply send us an email and we will track your parcel, and resend if there is any issues with postage.