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Selfie Clip's Universal 8 X Zoom adds an optical zoom to your phone.

It's an 8 X Set Zoom, meaning you get 8 times closer to your subject than when taking a normal photo. Heaps better quality than your pixelated digital zoom built into your phone.

Built into a Universal Clip, meaning you can use it on any phone, iPad or Tablet, even over your case. Most Zooms for phones are built into their own specific case, meaning you can only use it on one phone model and you need to throw it out when you buy a new phone. With the Universal Clip doesn't matter if you upgrade!

Selfie Clip's Universal 8 X Zoom even has a manual focus ring. This allows you choose whether you want to focus on the foreground or the background. 

The Lens is made of optical glass. There's no pesky batteries, no annoying apps to install, it's just the glass that does all the work for you. Use for photos or videos. 

Perfect for travelling, for shooting someone on the playing field, or getting amazing surfing videos, while still staying dry!

Comes with a Free Selfie Clip's Flexible Tripod. This prevents your camera shaking when using the Zoom lens you can set your phone on the tripod, or wrap around a poll or tree. This means you always achieve clear shots.

Check out this video below we shot just the other week at Manly Markets in Sydney, Australia. At the end we take the Lens off and you can see the massive difference.

You get:

1 x Selfie Clips Universal 8X Zoom Lens

1 x Lens Cloth

2 x Lens Protective Caps

1 x Selfie Clip's Flexible Tripod with Mount for any phone model including a Camera thread for DSLRs or Sports cameras

RRPs at $99.95

Introductory offer:


Comes with Selfie Clip's Lifetime Warranty

Selfie Clips

Universal 8 X Zoom Lens with Free Flexible Tripod

$49.95 $99.95

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