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It's a tripod for your phone.

Universal, with a super wide clamping system. This means it will work with any phone, large or small, with or without a case.

Clip your phone in, and you have a super stable platform to take photos or videos. Perfect for time lapse videos, group shots and landscape photography. This tripod ensure's you always get a crisp, shake free shot. 

All legs are completely adjustable meaning you can use it on any uneven surface and on a low level or high. You can even wrap it around a poll or tree as shown in the photo. This adds another level of versatility. 

You can also unscrew the clamp and it reveals a mount for all cameras and sports cameras.

Similar tripod's RRP $59.95

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or free with Selfie Clip's 8X Zoom Lens


*Note: Lenses shown in photos not included


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Universal Flexible Tripod

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